The Green Smoothie

Since getting a Vitamix in November, I began making green smoothies for myself and my youngest daughter (my eldest daughter prefers to make her own). Since then, I have  found that the health of my daughters and myself has improved--that we haven't gotten as sick as often, despite the many sickness that affect those around us at school and work.

The recipe for the green smoothie is quite simple and can be adapted to fit anyone's taste--even adding strawberries, as my eldest daughter does.


Water (as the capacity of the Vitamix is 64 ounces, I use a quart)
Collard greens
Flax seed


 Add one clove of garlic,

a handful of collard greens,

a stalk or two of celery,

 a handful of kale,

carrots (as these were small, I added four),

 a handful of Super Greens (available at many stores and consists of spinach, arugula, chard and kale),

a heaping tablespoon of flax seed,

 and water.

Blend until smooth.

The finished smoothie.

Pour into containers.

For an added kick, I add a squeeze or two of Sriracha and a few shakes of mushroom soy sauce.

Cap, shake and enjoy!

I cannot wait till the gardens are in full force and I can source my ingredients from there...

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